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Published by Luca Rocchi on 14.04.14
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If you are looking for a powerful small desktop system which can be easily used during events and LAN parties, the KobraLAN Extreme is definitely a very good choice. Despite the ITX form factor of the Cooltek W1 case, KobraPC managed to squeeze some powerful components inside.

In our tests, the small KobraPC proved to be fast and efficient. We tested the computer in various fields and scenarios, comparing the result obtained with our platforms using a very similar, if not identical, components. The scores obtained in the 3D environment where the graphics card is most important, in 2D environment where mainly pushes the CPU as well as storage, show that KobraLan Extreme is a great product and in line with our results.
We tested also the capabilities of the 780 Ti Gaming with three Dell u2414H monitors and Nvidia Surround (5760x1080). With Battlefield 4 at Ultra preset and 2X MSAA filter, we managed to get an average framerate around 40 fps, which is nothing short of amazing.

The temperatures measured in games and benchmarks are inferior to a normal case, however, they still remain at very good levels. During our game sessions with the fans set on auto, we never detected any clock drop. Only in FurMark, when the fans are set on auto and 50%, we noted few drops.
As for storage, there is a 240GB solid state drive which allows you to install enough games and applications.

The noise produced by KobraLan Extreme is very low and on good level. We tested the system in many scenarios and with various settings, in almost all tests the KobraLan Extreme was always rather quiet.

Now we come to the price, and KobraLan Extreme has an official price of €1990, excluding shipping costs. We have tried to configure a PC system using the same components with Geizhals.eu and the price difference between the two configurations is very low, and in our opinion is more than justified.


KobraLan Extreme is an excellent compact gaming PC. With a price of 1990 euro you will get a beast designed for events and LAN parties.

We gave the KobraLan Extreme 5 out of 5 stars.

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