OCZ Trion 100 960 Gigabyte Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 09.07.15
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With the Trion 100, OCZ has a new series of solid state drives, which feature very aggressive pricing. On the other hand the pricing also shows in the performance, whereas the would have loved to find higher write performance. We like the fact that OCZ bundles these drives with their Shield Plus warranty plan for three years. Apart from that you also get the SSD Guru software, which is a nice goodie on top.

Now it's about time we start talking about performance. When it comes to read performance the Trion 100 does performan well. In the case of write performance we would like to see higher numbers. Maybe there will be future updates available, which will help boosting write performance.

Last but not least this leaves us talking about the price. The 960 Gigabyte version we tested here, is already up on Geizhals.at where you can find it listed for 330 Euro. The price per Gigabyte is 0.340 Euro, which is, as we already mentioned, on a very aggressive level. Considering the good warranty plan, this is a very attractively price drive.


Should you be looking for an aggressively priced 960 Gigabyte SSD, the Trion 100 can definitely be considered.

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