Review: ADATA XPG Gaming Series V2.0 2x4GB DDR3-2400MHz CL10

Published by Christian Ney on 11.09.12
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Closer Look

The package consists of a plastic blister that seems to be designed for exposure of the memory kit. Before open it we liked it, after we didn't. We at ocaholic like to unbox and box memory over and over again and this one once opened you can't close it anymore as you have to cut the package to pull the modules out.

While we didn't like the package, we are in love with the design and heatspreaders of this memory kit. The kit is heavy in hand, has very well manufactured heatspreaders and most of all has a black PCB which is very very important for high performance (kidding...). Also the design is dual sidded, some manufacturers only print one side of the module and the other side stay empty.

Removing the heatspreaders wasn't easy, once again ADATA used some very good quality thermal glue pads to maintain the heatspreaders on the ICs. Though we did know which memory chips have been used for this memory kit due to the specs always like to have a look at them. Below you find a shot of one Samsung D-series HCH9 memory chip that powers those ADATA modules.

The SPD reading tells us more about the memory itself like the capacity, the name of the manufacturer, the JEDEC profiles stored which are in 5 accompanied with one XMP profile and the week of production. No Part number, pity. Also the XMP profile is misreaded by both CPU-Z and motherboard's BIOS:
Specs: 10-12-12-31
BIOS: 10-13-13-31
CPU-Z: 10-14-14-31.
This means that unfortunately when XMP loaded the BIOS will set timings to 10-13-13 instead of 10-12-12. So for best performance you will have to ajust primary timings manually.

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