Bitfenix Flo Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 07.04.14
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BitFenix​​, became famous with their little Prodigy case and now they also join the market for peripherals. More specifically they've released a new headset, called Flo. BitFenix presents a "simple" wired stereo headset and we're rather curious to find out how it feels and what it sounds like.

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Today, we are checking out the newest product from Bitfenix, a company well known for its quite good PC cases. While cases are certainly strong point of the Bitfenix, today we will check out if its new Bitfenix Flo headset is as good as their cases.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 5 - Wearing comfort/ergonomics
Page 2 - Preview Page 6 - Acoustics
Page 3 - Specifications Page 7 - Conclusion
Page 4 - Test conditions

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