Review: Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP 2x8GB DDR3-1600MHz CL9 1.35v

Published by Christian Ney on 19.12.12
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About four months ago, we reviewed no less than four Crucial DDR3-1866 and DDR3-1600 memory kits and we noticed that all of them share the same, highly overclockable Micron ICs. This got us thinking whether or not it is possible to have a similar experience using their brand new Ballistix Sport VLP modules, which hit the market exactly one month ago.

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The modules name already tells what the main feature of these modules is going to be. The shortcut VLP stands for "Very Low Profile" and we have to say, these modules, they indeed feature a very low profile form factor. Not only the height of these modules is low, the rated voltage has also been lowered compared to today's standard. The Ballistix Sport VLP series only need 1.35v.
The Ballistix Sport VLP are available in single, dual, tri and quad channel kits with a capacity per module of 4 or 8GB.

Manufacturer Crucial
Series Ballistix Sport VLP
Part Number BLS2C8G3D1609ES2LX0CEU
Type DDR3
Capacity 16 GB (2 x 8GB)
Frequency 1'600 MHz
Timings 9-9-9-24
VDIMM 1.35 Volt
Registred/Unbuffered Unbuffered
Cooling Passive Heatspreader
Waranty Lifetime warranty
Package Type Plastic Blister

The kit we are having a look at today is the dual channel 16 GB one. The rated frequency isn't extraordinary with timings at 9-9-9-24 but they do so at only 1.35v, which is quite an achievement for 4Gb chips. From all the 2x8GB kits we tested there is only the HyperX DDR3-2133 MHz from Kingston based on Hynix's MFR that managed to surprise us overclocking wise. Let's hope Crucial changes that!

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