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Published by Marc Büchel on 05.12.12
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Since quite some time OCZ has the RevoDrives in its portfolio. These drives feature a PCI-Express interface and they are able to deliver sequential throughputs at 1 Gigabyte per second and above. In this article we're going to show these two expansion cards, check how fast they really and tell you for which group of buyers they're relevant.

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If you take a closer look at the portfolio of SSD manufacturer OCZ, you'll find quite a few consumer grade drives as well as enterprise level SSDs (Z-Drives) and PCI Express expansion cards. Furthermore there is one category which is especially interesting if you want to build a consumer grade workstation PC. Since quite some time OCZ offers their RevoDrives, which are based on a multi controller architecture and they offer a level of performance which is simply impressing. Basically the difference between the RevoDrive 3 and the RevoDrive 3 X2 is the fact that the first one comes with two SandForce SF-2281 controllers and the second one features a total of four controller. Far more than one year ago SandForce was able to raise the performance bar when the first SSDs were introduced, which were using these controller. On the RevoDrive 3 these controllers communicate via a SAS bridge chip. In order to reduce performance degradation over time to a minimum OCZ implemented a TRIM for a RAID configuration and nowadays with Windows 8 this implementation is fully supported.

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