Gaming Performance: GTX 680 SLI vs HD 7970 CFX vs HD 7950 CFX

Published by Christian Ney on 24.05.12
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In this article we are going to show you how well - or not - multi GPU setups scale in recent games. On 14 pages we are going to show you the performance of two GTX 680, two Radeon HD 7970 and two Radeon HD 7950 in theoretical benchmarks as well as state of the art games. Let's contribute to global warming now!


As said earlier this article will be about dual graphics card SLI and CrossFireX scaling using latest graphics card from the two big players in this business. One can expect 2 times the performance in games when you add an additional graphics card to your setup to run them coupled. Well can be true, can be wrong. In fact in some games you see twice the framerates but in other games you have just 50 % or an even lower increase in performance. The provide a good overview we picked quite a few DX11 games. With all the settings maxed out - 8x AA, 16 AF, tesselation max - we're going to show you the performance of these monster setups. Furthermore you can also find a performance index, performance/power consumption and price/performance comparison. So who is able to provide the best gaming experience according to you? The green chameleon or the red hot ruby ?

Page 1 - Introduction Page 8 - Crysis 2 / Dragon Age 2
Page 2 - Test Setup & Specifications Page 9 - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. / The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / StarCraft 2
Page 3 - Benchmarks and Games Settings Page 10 - Power Consumption
Page 4 - 3D Mark 11 / 3D Mark Vantage Page 11 - Summary Benchmark Results
Page 5 - Unigine Heaven / TessMark Page 12 - Performance Index
Page 6 - Alien vs. Predator / Batman: Arkham City / Dirt 2 Page 13 - Performance/Watts & Performance/Price
Page 7 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 / BattleField 3 Page 14 - Conclusion

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