Know How: Digi+ Power Control Rampage IV Formula

Published by Marc Büchel on 21.12.11
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On one hand the BIOS of recent motherboards has become much easier to handle when you look at it from a user interface perspective. But on the other hand you'll find even more settings and options and almost nobody knows what the different entries are here for. For us this is reason enough to jump in and explain in a series of articles what the different features are about. First we start with the Digi+ Power Control features from a brand new Rampage IV Formula motherboard, which we think is a very good example.

What we're basically going to do here, is we discuss two screenshots. This might sound very trivial but those two screen shots, they contain a lot of information and they hide even more questions. There are 18 different options that need explanation. We chose to discuss them with kind of list. The goal is to give you enough information that you don't have open questions anymore. If there should be something you still don't know, please feel free to ask us via a comment or in the forums and we're going to provide more information or rephrase the paragraph to make it easier to understand.

Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - CPU Settings
Page 3 - VTT and DRAM Settings

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