ASUS UX21E 11.6-inch Ultrabook

Published by Marc Büchel on 04.11.11
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As one of the first manufacturers, ASUS has launched their 11.6 inch ultrabooks. If you believe product descriptions and marketing departments this devices should feature a very nice design, a high quality display and a fast SSD from ADATA. Furthermore there are feautres like "Instant-On" that have to show what they're capable of.

If you read about Ultrabooks these days, one brand stands on the very top: ASUS. As one of the first brand ASUS has just launched their brand new Ultrabooks. They promise that you get a very well built product with an anttractive design. As one of the first reviewing sites around the globe we got to give shot at their UX21E, 11 inch product. This one comes with a 120 Gigabyte SSD, four Gigabyte of memory and an Intel Core i5 CPU.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 7 - DirectX 9 / Image Manipulation / Importing Pictures
Page 2 - Preview Page 8 - Web browsing / Data decryption / Windows Defender
Page 3 - Specifications / Chassis Page 9 - Cinebench / WinRAR
Page 4 - Display / Keyboard Page 10 - Battery Eater / Power Consumption
Page 5 - Test Setup Page 11 - Conclusion
Page 6 - Video Playback / Downscaling Transcoding / Storage  

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