Nitro Concept Deskmat DM16 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 28.02.19

Some gamers spend a lot of time and money to find their ideal combination of mouse and gaming keyboard, not paying attention to the mousepad they are using. Most of the work is done by the mouse sensor but also the pad plays a crucial role. Today we're going to check the huge Deskmat DM16 from Nitro Concepts.

  • Nitro Concepts DeskMat DM16
  • Nitro Concepts DeskMat DM16
  • Nitro Concepts DeskMat DM16
  • Nitro Concepts DeskMat DM16

Model number Nitro Concepts DeskMat DM16
Materials Rubber coated cloth and silicon base
Surface color Black
Dimensions 1600 x 800 x 3 millimeters


The Nitro Concepts Deskmat comes well packaged in a big cardboard tube dominating with brand colors. The packaging features the main characteristics of the product and the serial number. The dimensions of the pad are very generous in size, in fact it measures 160 centimeters in length and 80 height. To be honest, I haven't a desk big enough in my flat and for this reason I took the pictures on the parquet. Since it's pretty big and requires plenty of space, you should first check if you have enough surface on your desk. The upper right corner feature a glossy black Nitro Concepts flame logo. The surface area is made out cloth and it looks very smooth, while the base features anti-slip material that provides the perfect grip on your desk.

Since, this pad it rather large, players who prefer low DPI settings won't run out of space too quickly and therefore they won't have to lift the mouse every few centimeters. In case of high DPI settings, the texture is fine enough to provide accurate tracking. Overall the Deskmat is a versatile tool, that can be use for low-sense as well as high-sense gaming alike, given the fact, that your desk is big enough. At the moment there are available three models in two color variants. We have received the biggest model, however if your desk is smaller you could go with the 1200x600 or 900x400 model. Price wise, we start from 21.90 Euro (900x400mm) up to 59.90 Euro (1600x800mm). If you are looking for a big mousepad for cover your desk and place all your peripherals on top of it, Deskmat DM16 can be a good solution.

Nitro Concepts Deskmat DM16 gets very good 4 out of 5 stars.

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