ASUS Maximus X Hero Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 17.11.17
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With the Maximus X Hero, ASUS has made it's well-known Hero motherboard ready for Intel's new Coffee Lake procesors. At a first glance there is a reasonable feature mix, which contains two M.2 slots as well as a good looking design an RGB backlight in combination with the vendor's Aura feature.

Already at launch ASUS has a complete portfolio of Z370 motherboards. With the ROG Maximus X Hero ASUS offers a motherboard suitable for building a high-end gaming PC. Compared to the Maximus IX Hero the Maximus X Hero sports a few little differences: the first one regards the M.2 heat sink which is finally included in the bundle of the motherboard, and the second one is the back I/O panel that has been "glued" to the ports.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 11 - SiSoft Sandra 1
Page 2 - Specs and Delivery Page 12 - SiSoft Sandra 2
Page 3 - Features Page 13 - UC Bench
Page 4 - Layout Page 14 - Super Pi 1M
Page 5 - Connectors and I/O Page 15 - Right Mark Audio Analyzer
Page 6 - BIOS Page 16 - Power Consumption
Page 7 - Test setup Page 17 - Performance Rating
Page 8 - Preview / Gallery Page 18 - Price Comparison
Page 9 - 3D Mark Page 19 - Conclusion
Page 10 - Cinebench R15  

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