Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Review

Published by Bean on 04.07.14
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Beyerdynamic have brought to the table, in our opinion, a pair of headphones that are currently unmatched in their price category. Providing high quality audio that surpasses that of most off the shelf options. Of course, our music tests are subjective and these headphones may not suit all tastes. We are, however, quite sure that with their sound adjustability, they will very much please the majority of listeners.

Being very easy to drive, the Custom One Pro’s are well suited to, not only people at desks with dedicated sound setups, but also to those on the move with only an iPod or smartphone in their pocket. Whilst the headphones seem quite bulky, with the detachable cable and their excellent build quality, these Headphones end up being very portable (They found themselves being stored in more than one backpack). Comfort is very good, whether you wear glasses or not, and are more than comfortable enough for day long use. Durability is high with the only small issue being that of the detachable cable.

Looking at the Custom One Pro on we found them to be listed for 144 Euros, which translates into approximately CHF 173.-

We give the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro very good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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