Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Review

Published by Bean on 04.07.14
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The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro’s were tested with everything from Drum and Bass to Dance/Trance, Jazz, HipHop, through to Rock and classics like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. With the adjustable bass response, we found going from almost no bass to a lot of bass very easy, making any song sound almost too bassy. We found ourselves using one notch away from full open for most music. Listening to My Yard from Jamie Cullum we could really feel the opening guitar come alive and the detail in each stroke was accurate without any harshness. The Island part I and II provide very good highs and also some tight deep bass, The Custom One Pro’s kept the bass tight and the highs clear without any distortion even at volume. This was not just when driven through a dedicated headphone amplifier (Meier Audio Headamp) but also when driven directly from the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. Rock music, Such as Half Truism from The Offspring also played well through the Custom One Pro’s, The midrange seemed to lack slightly here, but not in an exaggerated way. As listening time progressed, the midrange became much better and resulted in a nice full but balanced sound. Overall, the bass can sometimes seem a little too saturated (but this is adjustable), the highs are not over exaggerated, and the midrange simply needs some burn in time before it sounds the way it should.


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