Bitfenix Flo Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 07.04.14
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Wearing confort and ergonomics


After a few days of use, we can say that the headphones are mainly comfortable due to their weight. Unfortunately, unlike other models, we had some problems with the adjustment of the headband. The hike is very short and rather awkward to adjust. If you use glasses or 3D goggles, you could run into some issues with pressure points. The materials used for the ear cushions and for the headband is very good, rather soft and pleasant to touch. The overall quality is good and as is sound insulation.
The BitFenix Flo is available in four colors: blue, red, black and white. The headphones are made mainly of plastic, have no crunches or imperfections. The sample is solid and sturdy. BitFenix used a softouch coating on almost the entire surface of the Flo and it is very pleasant to the touch. The cable is detachable, well made and with aluminum components as well as with gold-plated header.

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