Based in Chengdu, China

Since their launch, Coffee Lake desktop CPUs have been somewhat limited in availability. In order to fix the supply issues, Intel notified its customers that they will soon begin receiving parts assembled in China. To keep up with this strong demand, the company is adding a new assembly-and-test site in Chengdu, China.

Available for early 2018

Over the last couple of months, there have been whispers regarding an additional Intel chipset and new CPU coming after Coffee Lake and Z370. Today the first Z390 motherboard seems to have made an appearance online. According to the latest rumors, Intel Z390 chipset should be compatible with 8-core processors.

At IM Flash foundry

Intel is expanding its production of 3D XPoint products, the company has announced that the expansion of its IM (Intel Micron) Flash foundry in Lehi (Utah) is complete. 3D XPoint is a high-speed, low-latency and non-volatile memory created together with Micron.

Intel CPU sitting right next to AMD GPU

We’ve read numerous rumors on this subject in the past but lately Intel finally confirmed that multi-chip modules with Coffee Lake CPUs and AMD Vega GPUs are going to happen. Meanwhile the first pictures of these implementations have surfaced on the Twitter account of tech website Bits’ n Chips.

Bye bye i7-6950X

Two months after the launch of Skylake-X, Intel retires their Broadwell-E processors. The almost two years old Core i7-6800K, Core i7-6850K, Core i7-6900K and Core i7-6950X are now discontinued. The retirement of this generation chips doesn't really come as a surprise, since Intel never sold three generations of chips in parallel.

Senior VR of the Core and Visual Computing Group

Intel has confirmed that former Radeon Technologies Group head Raja Koduri will join the company as a chief architect and senior vice president of its Core and Visual Computing Group. According to Intel, Koduri will boost Intel's leadership in integrated graphics processors with high-end discrete graphics solutions.

Added XR support as well

The Windows 10 Fall Creators update introduced several new features. With the launch of Fall Creators update, Intel was a little in late with graphics driver however the company has released now a new version. With the 15.60 graphics drivers, Intel adds HDR and XR support.

With Core H-series processors

In December 2016, we have heard rumors about AMD licensing their Radeon integrated graphics chips to Intel for further use in their processors. During the past months, both Intel and AMD haven't released any further information and now, it looks like the rumours were true all along. Intel has announced its new Core H-series processors, featuring Intel's CPU cores as well as a semi-custom GPU from AMD.

Core i7 is still missing

A few days ago Intel has unveiled their Coffee Lake CPUs but can you actually buy a Coffee Lake CPU? The short answer is yes although you can't buy all the different SKUs yet. Intel's new processors are available in almost all the e-tail stores around the globe, as long as you don't want the flagship Core i7-8700K. In that case, you have to wait few weeks or even months.

Getting a Coffee Lake CPU might be tricky

Intel is expected to launch its 8th generation of CPUs in just a couple of days, but early adopters might have to wait more than just few days. It's not the first time that Intel is facing supply issues at launch and according to Sweclockers we might have to wait until mid-December until these chips are widely available.

First neuromorphic processor

Intel is announcing it’s first so called neuromorphic processor. The chip is still in the testing phase and it's been designed for help solving specific problems in physics and biology. According to Intel, Loihi should be highly energy efficient chip. In fact, the chip is supposed to be up to 1000 times more efficient than a general purpose computer chip.

Chinese website PCOnline found a toy

Following the leak of yesterday from about the Core i7-8700K, PCOnline has jumped the gun testing the upcoming Intel Core i5-8600K processor on an Intel Z370 series motherboard. Since there aren't more details on the test setup, we don't know what kind of memory has been used.

10 days before NDA ends

Since we’re getting closer to the launch of the Intel’s Coffee Lake processors more and more leaks are making it through. Meanwhile has jumped the gun testing an upcoming Intel Core i7-8700K processor on an Intel Z370 series motherboard with 4 x 8GB of DDR4-2400 memory in place.

Eleven models from Gigabyte

With the launch of Coffee Lake, Intel will finally bring their first six-cores and twelve-threads processors to the mainstream market. Since the new series of CPUs require a new chipset, motherboard vendors will release several "new" models. The motherboards are quite similar to the previous generation based on the Z270 chipset, overall the differences are more about design and LEDs.

First Core i3 on HEDT

The acclaimed launch date of Coffee Lake based CPUs is somewhen next month, however Intel is also working on adding new Kaby Lake-X processors to their line-up. According to a rumor on Videocardz, Intel might release the first dual-core Core i3, which is compatible with X299 motherboards. The i3-7360X is basically the same CPU as the i3-7350K but for Intel’s HEDT platform.

This time by Coolenjoy

Another set of benchmarks on Intel CPUs has surfaced, this time it looks like the upcoming Intel Core i9-7980XE has been tested. This model features 18 cores and 36 threads, and it’s supposed to be combined with 24.75 MB of L3 cache. The benchmarks have been conducted on an ASUS Apex motherboard with 32GB DDR4-3200 C15 memory.

This time it’s confirmed

A few weeks ago we’ve found out that Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake processors won’t work on Intel 200 series motherboards. The same incompatibility is between Kaby Lake processors and the upcoming Intel Z300 motherboards. A few days ago, our friends over at have tested both combinations and according to them, the Intel 200 series is incompatible with the 300 series.

It will support 8-cores CPUs

According to latest rumors, Intel is planning to release their new Coffee Lake CPUs alongside the Z370 chipset in Q4 2017. Although the acclaimed launch date will be somewhen during the first days of October, news leaks related to Coffee Lake are making it through almost every day now.

This time by MrTechQc

Another set of benchmarks on Intel's Coffee Lake CPUs has surfaced. This time it looks like the six-core Intel Core i7-8700K, that’s supposed to make it to market next month, has been put through its paces using Cinebench R15. So far it looks like Coffee Lake is going to perform quite good.

Compared to our test system

It looks like the rumors are starting to become more interesting when it comes to Coffee Lake, since meanwhile some more performance figures are making it through. This time a fresh result has appeared in the Geekbench database. In order to do some comparison, we have run a quick test with our Core i7-5820K at stock clocks and overclocked.

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