Intel eight core CPU

It's not a secret that Intel is expanding its 8th generation Core "Coffee Lake" desktop processor lineup during Q2 2018. Furthermore the company will release another motherboard chipset called Z390 Express. According to some rumors, Intel will release a eight-core mainstream processor.

With integrated FPGA

Intel announced that its first Xeon Scalable processor with integrated FPGA is finally available to select customers. The Xeon Scalable 6138P includes an Arria 10 GX 1150 FPGA on package that's connected to the CPU die via Intel's Ultra Path Interconnect (UPI). According to Intel, UPI offers a direct access to the processor or to main memory.

Without iGPU?

After months of rumors and speculations, Intel has silently unveiled the first Cannon Lake processor: the Core i3-8121U. The company has added the CPU in its ARK database today and we have a full list of specifications.

New features

Intel has published a Z390 chipset product brief on its website. The document unveils the features of the new chipset, which are very close to current Z370 series. Unfortunately, the product brief doesn't confirm the support for the allegedly Intel eight-core mainstream processor.

After barely one year

With the X299 platform, Intel has released two series of CPUs and one of them is already discontinued. Kaby Lake-X consisted of two four-core processors, the Core i5-7640X and the Core i7-7740X, that were the cheapest models compatible with X299.

With different design compared to the previous gen

Almost one year ago, Intel has shown the Optane 900P SSDs which was limited to 480GB capacity. Now, almost one year later, the company has released a new version which feature a different design and it come in a new 960GB capacity. With the 905P, Intel has improved the design too adding a blue LED illumination.

Confirms also Cannon Lake support for Z390

The release notes for a version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology have leaked some interesting hints about some upcoming Intel desktop platforms. According to the image, Intel might release somewhen another HEDT platform. Furthermore the table confirms that Intel Z390 chipset will support Cannon Lake.

Core i7-8086K

According to Baidu, Intel is going to launch another high-end Coffee Lake CPU during next weeks. With the Core i7-8086K, Intel might introduce a special processor for the 40th anniversary of the 8086 processor.

With Optane Memory inside

If you have opened Newegg today, you may have noticed some Intel "Core i+" products. This is a not a typo from the e-tailers, Intel has added the Core i5+ 8400, Core i5+ 8500, and Core i7+ 8700 CPUs. These models simply include a 16GB Optane Memory module in the box. With this SSD, you can cache the contents of a hard drive in order to achieve more performance.

According to Eurocom

In order to reply to AMD's new Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs, Intel is planning to increase the core count on their next-generation desktop platform. According to the latest rumors, Intel might add a eight core CPU regarding their 9th generation of mainstream desktop CPUs.

Raja Koduri is behind the project

Last year we published a news about Raja Koduri, since the Radeon Technologies Boss was leaving AMD. Later in the same month it emerged that Koduri was Senior Vice President, Core and Visual Computing Group, General Manager, Edge Computing Solutions, Chief Architect at Intel. Now, according to NoteBookCheck, Koduri is working to redefine the Arctic Sound discrete GPU to be powerful enough for gaming.

Finally available

A few months ago, Intel has released the Z370 chipset which is compatible with Coffee Lake processors. Intel was supposed to release the H370, B360 and H310 chipsets in the following months as well, however the company has slow down the entire process. During the last week we have published several news about the upcoming motherboards based on this chips and today Intel has officially unveils the mid-range chipsets.

Featuring six-core CPUs

Intel has officially unveiled its first six-core Coffee Lake processors for laptops. With the new series of processors, Intel brings Core i9, Core i7 and Xeon chips to laptops, featuring six cores for the first time on an Intel mobile platform.

During Open Compute Project Summit

Intel has shown their upcoming enterprise Optane SSD with M.2 form factor, planned to be called Optane SSD DC P4801X. At the moment the Optane family includes the flagship Optane SSD DC P4800X, the consumer Optane SSD 900P, and the consumer Optane Memory and Optane SSD 800P M.2 drives.

Finally spotted in 3DMark database

In order to reply to AMD's new Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs, Intel is planning to increase the core count on their next-generation desktop platform. According to the latest rumors, Intel might add a eight core CPU regarding their 8th generation of mainstream desktop CPUs.

This time on a chinese site

A few months ago, an AIDA64 update unveiled a long list of mobile processors that included Coffee Lake-H and Coffee Lake-S processors intended for laptops. The most interesting model was the Core i9-8950HK since this is going to be the first Core i9 processor for laptop.

Another Coffee Lake desktop CPU

According to a rumor which has its roots in the the GFXBench database, Intel might release quite soon more Coffee Lake processors. The CPU's name breaks Intel's naming schemes since it comes as Core i7-86xx. At the moment the 86xx prefix is used for Core i5.

With microcode updated

One of the biggest complains about Coffee Lake processors and their 300-series chipset is the lack of compatibility with older Intel 200-series and 100-series chipset motherboards. Despite this fact, a group of modders have managed to make things work together.

From the folks over at Playwares

Last year, Intel and AMD made a collaboration in order to launch the first chip packing an Intel CPU with an AMD graphics chip. With Kaby Lake-G, Intel packs a quad core CPU together with a RX Vega M GPU with HBM2 memory. A few weeks ago, during CES 2018, we have seen the first processors based on this collaboration and now, finally, there are the first benchmarks.

Embebbed chipsets for 8th Gen Core processors

While we are waiting Intel B360, H370 and H310 chipsets for the consumer market, the embebbed solutions will receive soon new chipsets as well. According to a leak from IBase, the upcoming chipsets compatible with Xeon E and Core processors are just behind the corner.

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