Here comes the bummer: in compute benches

PCWorld apparently had the chance to come up with a preview on the upcoming AMD Radeon Pro Vega Frontier Edition graphics card. In a rather lengthy article they’ve described their experiences regarding the two pre-built systems by AMD they were allowed to fiddle with. It looks like the Pro Vega Frontier Edition is a strong performer when it comes to compute heavy benchmarks yet it also packs a punch dealing with recent games.

300W air cooled, 375W water cooled

The launch of AMD’s RX Vega series graphics cards is one of those that’s being expected but it apparently takes ages until it happens. According to latest information it’s supposed to take place in early-August or even late-July during the Siggraph 2017 event.

Powered by Vega

Already last year, AMD had first shown their upcoming Radeon Instinct compute accelerators as well as the Radeon Open Compute platform (ROCm). These accelerators are designed to challenge NVIDIA in the deep learning and machine intelligence field of application. At the time, AMD didn’t share much information about the specifications of these accelerators. Nevertheless AMD has finally announced the MI25, which is their new flagship model.

Ranging from 2133 to 3200 MHz

AMD has released a list of Ryzen compatible DDR4 memory kits that have been tested at rated speeds with Ryzen CPUs at D.O.C.P. settings. According to AMD, some of these kits will require the the BIOS to be updated so the latest AGESA microcode is in place.

B2 stepping incoming

During the last past months AMD has released several AGESA updates addressing issues related to memory support and/or CPU performance in general. According to CanardPC, AMD appears to be working on a new B2 stepping in the case of their 14nm "Summit Ridge" silicon. The B2 stepping should addresses a lot of hardware-level issues that cannot be fixed by “simple” BIOS/AGESA updates.

That’s quite expensive ...

According to the latest rumors from our friends over at Videocardz, the next generation of AMD graphics cards, which will be based on the upcoming Vega architecture has been spotted in a retail shop. AMD's Radeon Vega cards may be amongst the most anticipated product family of the year. According to Scan UK and SabrePC in the USA, the Vega Frontier Edition should cost $1199 US.

According to Geekbench database

Although the acclaimed launch date will be somewhen during the upcoming weeks news leaks related to Threadripper are making it through almost every day. This time wccftech jumped the gun and they have found some leaks in the Geekbench database. The results are pretty similar to AMD's existing Ryzen CPUs.

Four SKUs to begin with

A few weeks ago AMD announced their Ryzen Threadripper series of processors. As we all know meanwhile these chips will feature even more cores than the currently available Ryzen 7 CPUs and on top of that they will be based on a new AMD high-end desktop platform. According to the latest rumors AMD is to launch RYZEN Threadripper on July 27th.

Performance improvements in DiRT 4 and Prey

Following the launch of AMD’s ReLive 17.5.1 drivers there is already a new update available. This release offers a 30% performance improvement in DiRT 4 with 8x MSAA enabled. Furthermore, these drivers are supposed to increase performance in Prey by 4% in combination with a Radeon RX 580. On top of that AMD has also fixed some issues related to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Rumors from Bitsnchips

Bits'n'chips shared some new speculation about the the pricing of upcoming AMD Threadripper processors via their Twitter page. According to them, AMD will release Threadripper during this summer and the chips could be in a kind of reasonable price range.

Lots of DRAM improvements

Lately the community updates from AMD are a great source to find out what the folks have been working on regarding their Ryzen processors. A while ago we’ve covered that AMD has been rolling out the AGESA v1.0.0.4 update and in the meantime v1.0.0.6 has become available to the motherboard vendors for implementation.

Greek retailer jumps the gun

During the past weeks there were several leaks regarding AMD’s upcoming Threadripper CPUs. This time a Greek online shop has decided to start listing some of the upcoming AMD Threadripper processors, although without price-tags. According to the latest rumors, AMD is supposed to release the Threadripper series CPUs during the Summer.

Sounds reassuring

According to latest rumors the yields manufacturing AMD Ryzen processors is reaching strong values and therefore good quality. As we already know, Ryzen is manufactured using the 14nm FinFet process. This technology has been used and refined for over a year now.

But just a soft-launch

During AMD's official Vega AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit, Raja Koduri has confirmed that RX Vega will be showcased at Computex. AMD has also confirmed that RX Vega will not be hitting the shelves during Computex time frame with the gaming oriented RX Vega still not having an official launch date.

Game optimizations

Following the launch of AMD’s ReLive 17.5.1 drivers there is already another update available. This release offers a 4.5% performance improvement in Prey with in combination with the Radeon RX 580. On top of that AMD has also fixed some issues related to Forza Horizon 3 and NieR Automata.

Together with TSMC and Globalfoundries

Judging by slides AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, presented during their 2017 Financial Analyst Day, the company has aggressive plans advancing to 7nm manufacturing process technology. In this context it’s interesting to see that consumer and server CPUs as well as the graphics parts are to adopt the new process within the same time frame.

That was kind of expected

As we reported yesterday AMD is going to launch their first Vega based cards by the end of June for professional customers and the gaming are cards are to follow in the third quarter - hopefully. What’s not been covered so far is, that it looks like AMD is going to launch a water cooled version of their Vega cards for professionals.

New name for Naples based chips

During their Financial Analysts Day AMD gave insight on quite a few interesting things, such as revealing their new mobile chips as well as the Vega accelerator for professional users. Apart from that CEO Lisa Su has also revealed that AMD is getting rid of the Opteron brand and replaces it with Epyc.

By the end of June

Framed by AMD’s Financial Analysts Day, Raja Koduri has been talking about a future Vega card, which is slated for launch by the end of June. Unfortunately gamers will still have to wait until the third quarter, since the first card is going to address professional users.

During Financial Analyst Day 2017

During their Financial Analyst Day 2017, AMD announced the new Ryzen Mobile CPUs with an integrated Vega graphics unit. The combination of the two new architectures will make these APUs perform much better than the previous chips, while also energy efficiency is supposed to be better.
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