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In Final Fantasy XV database

Currently the GeForce GTX 16-series lineup consists of two mid-range models. Meanwhile it looks like the third model is just around the corner, since the first benchmark values have surfaced, whereas the leak comes from the Final Fantasy XV database.

Compatible with GeForce 10-series and newer consumer GPUs

NVIDIA has surprised industry watchers by unveiling a new graphics driver branch dubbed the NVIDIA Creator Ready Driver. These drivers are compatible with GeForce 10-series and consumer graphics cards (like Titan and newer). According to the first information, these drivers aren't aimed at "pro" creators but more to "enthusiast" users.

With aluminum based water blocks

Almost two years ago, EK Water Blocks announced their affordable Fluid Gaming water cooling product line. In order to offer a ready-to-use loop, EKWB sells the Fluid Gaming Series hardware in complete kits that include the pump, reservoir, fittings, water block, tubing, and liquid.

For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

AMD has released the next iteration of their Adrenalin software package aka drivers. These come with game-specific optimisations for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Avalanche Studio's Generation Zero. On top of that there is a range of bug fixes.

Available with Ice Lake processors

Intel published the architecture's detail of its upcoming Gen11 graphics on its website. According to the latest information, this new engine will be available inside forthcoming 10nm Ice Lake processors.

First concerns of creasing

During the MWC, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Fold for the first time. Although everyone was very curious about this new foldable smartphone, Samsung kept everything behind a glass display and into the hands of staff. As per usual, a user has gotten their hands on a device over a month in advance showcasing a small crease.

BIOS updates

During the last few hours, ASUS, MSI and Biostar have rolled out BIOS updates for their existing AMD B450, X370 and, X470 motherboards. The new BIOS makes the motherboards compatible with the upcoming AMD Ryzen 3000-series, codenamed Matisse.

Implemented on the Captain 240 Pro

It's always good to see innovation in the various fields of the PC industry. During the last months, Deepcool has unveiled the Captain 240 Pro AiO cooler which features anti-leak technology. After some time, the company has released some more information about this kind of technology.

Joining Intel as Director of Enthusiast Engagement

Kyle Bennett is leaving HardOCP and joining Intel as Director of Enthusiast Engagement. HardOCP will not be sold but it won't continue in the same direction. The existing content will be owned by Bennett. HardForum.com, on the other hand, will be sold and run by volunteers and funded by Patreons.

Running on an RX Vega 56 graphics card

During the last months, we have seen a lot of talk surrounding real-time ray tracing technology. At GDC 2018, NVIDIA, Microsoft and AMD have announced that they are working on it. Now Crytek has released the first real-time ray tracing demo for CryEngine.

With asymmetric design

Noctua has announced the NH-U12A, a new high-end air cooler compatible with Intel and AMD processors. NH-U12A is the updated version of the NH-U12 which was released more than 10 years ago. With the NH-U12, Noctua won more than 600 awards and the company hopes to get several recommendations with the new model as well.

New NR series cases

During the last CES 2019, Cooler Master has shown several new products such as cases, power supplies, gaming peripherals and more. Today the manufacturer is going to launch two new models which goes by the name MasterBox NR400 and NR600.

Alongside newer components

Apple has finally refreshed its iMac desktops, offering new processors and graphics chips for the 21.5-inch and 27-inch models. The new models now come with Intel 8th Gen processors and AMD GPUs.

Very clean looking

The Eclipse P600S brings new design, clean interior layout and tempered glass panel. Overall the P600s looks based on the Evolv X that we have reviewed a few months ago. Today we have completed our gallery and during the next few days we'll publish the review.

Without RT cores

Ray-tracing has always been possible on non-RTX graphics cards. The RT cores installed on the RTX graphics cards make the entire process smoother and faster. Until now, NVIDIA's driver has locked out non-RTX GPUs from running DXR contents, but things might change in April. NVIDIA Pascal and GTX Turing graphics card might be compatible during the next month.

Rumors, release date, everything

Intel's new Comet Lake processors are coming to laptops and desktops soon, the flagship desktop models will pack up to ten cores and high-performance notebook models will sport eight cores. AMD will release Ryzen 3000 in a few months and Intel will debut with its 10nm Ice Lake in 2020. That leaves Intel with a gap to fill for compete against Ryzen 3000.

No iGPU and locked

It's no secret that Intel is going to expand its Coffee Lake desktop processor lineup. The Intel Core i9-9900F has just been listed in the SiSoftware Official Live Ranker database and will join the other variants, the i9-9900K, i9-9900KF and i9-9900T.

A 35 days update pause

Windows 10 updates have been very troublesome over the years. Sometimes you get the notification of a new update when you don't want reboot your system or you have limited data traffic. Furthermore, sometimes, the updates include some incompatibility issues and a range of other problems.

By 30-40%

During the last CES 2019, AMD has used a demo PC based on Ryzen 3rd Generation. The performance were impressive since the chip surpassed Intel Core i9-9900K while consuming around 30% less power.

For $19.2 Million

Turtle Beach has agreed to acquire Roccat for $14.8 million in cash, $3.4 million in earn-out payments and, $1 million in cash or stock (Roccat's choice) for a total cost of $19.2 million. According to Turtle Beach, from this acquisition the company should have a stronger market position in Europe and also Asian markets.

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