Skype Final

Das bekannte Internettelephonie-Programm Skype ist jetzt in der Version Final erhältlich und kann HIER bezogen werden. Ausserdem findet sich auf derselben Website das Changelog.


• known issue: when you have chatted a lot, new version startup might
take several minutes
• feature: improved Contact Importers
• feature: Voicemail subscribers can leave voicemails to anyone
• feature: animated emoticons
• feature: missed events panel
• feature: services panel
• feature: possibility to send multiple authorization requests from one window
• feature: Arabic, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech and Turkish languages
• feature: improved Profile
• feature: main menu -> help -> Getting Started Wizard
• feature: automatically answer the call option is back
• change: VM options visible to everyone
• change: Receive contacts: requesting authorization through one
single form
• change: removed calltab toolbar
• change: added hold and mute buttons to main toolbar
• change: improved chats and calls connectivity behind proxy
• change: improved logging in behind proxy
• change: improved Central Contact List
• change: if a SkypeIn call is sent to voicemail, custom greeting is
• change: new splash and About images
• change: new language files
• bugfix: current status is disabled in onlinestatus selector menus
• bugfix: File Transfer toolbar button disabled if address bar does
not contain valid Skype Name
• bugfix: range check errors when moving window on dual-monitor setup
• bugfix: accessibilty — extra large fonts support improved
• bugfix: some login and startup related issues cleared
• bugfix: could not bookmark a chat without topic
• bugfix: rare access violation in \\\'Manage blocked users\\\'
• bugfix: multiple language support in search
• bugfix: trayicon did not always respond correctly to doubleclicks
• bugfix: close the search tab if no results found
• bugfix: status not updated when USB phone is used
• bugfix: options: Sound Alert keeps playing
• bugfix: call history context menu \\\'listen\\\' is now visible only on

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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