HardOCP is getting 'mothballed' as Kyle Bennett leaves to join Intel

Joining Intel as Director of Enthusiast Engagement

Kyle Bennett is leaving HardOCP and joining Intel as Director of Enthusiast Engagement. HardOCP will not be sold but it won't continue in the same direction. The existing content will be owned by Bennett. HardForum.com, on the other hand, will be sold and run by volunteers and funded by Patreons.

HardOCP has been around for a long time and it's one of the first enthusiast sites for PC news and reviews. Kyle built a solid fanbase over the years, sometimes at the expense of relationships with vendors. For example, a few months ago he started a rough campaign against NVIDIA and its (now defunct) GeForce Partner Program.

We aren't surprised about this news or about the specific role he was recruited for. Intel wants increase its engagement with enthusiasts. The company will release the first discrete GPU cards in 2020 and everything needs to be ready. Kyle Benett isn't the first tech journalists Intel soaked up. For example in recent times, Intel has token Raja Koduri and Chris Hook.

During the last years AMD has done something similar with Lal Shimpi from Anandtech, Scott Wasson from The TechReport and the overclocker Sammi Maekinen.

We wish Kyle Bennett all the very best in his new job!

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