ASUS ROG Ryujin pictured

With OLED display

During the Computex 2018, ASUS has expanded the list of components that belong to ROG family. With the Ryujin and Ryuo, ASUS has added two closed-loop liquid coolers. Both lines of coolers include RGB LED illumination and a tiny OLED display placed on top of the pump. Yesterday we have taken some pictures and during next days you'll find our review.

The Ryujin CPU cooler is based on Asetek design and come with 240mm and 360mm radiators. Apart the number of fans that you can install on the radiator, both Ryujin models are virtually identical. ASUS includes in the delivery Noctua F12 iPPC-2000s fans. Furthermore, in order to alleviate one of the common complaints that builders have with CLCs, ASUS has installed a tiny 60mm fan inside the pump housing.

The pump block of the Ryujin CPU cooler is rather large due to the plastic shroud that you can install on top of it. At first glance the cover looks a bit too cheap, however it improves the general look of the cooler. In our opinion the cooler itself looks pretty cool and we like that ASUS has tried to stand out from the crowd.

The OLED display measures almost 2" and support 16-bit color. On the OLED display you can show JPG or animated GIF images. Furthermore you can use this display for the CPU temperature, voltage or other system specs. Below you can find some of our pictures. Just for photography purpose, we have installed the cooler on our ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha motherboard.

  • ROG Ryujin
  • ROG Ryujin
  • ROG Ryujin
  • ROG Ryujin

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