Radeon VII gets a price in the EU

Availability is appears to be bad

The guys over at Cowcotland have shared the price of the upcoming graphics card from AMD. According to them the AMD Radeon VII is to set you back 739 Euro if you do wish to own one of these cards. Judging by the specs the price looks ok, but it seems that availability is going to be the issue if you’re interested in this particular pixel accelerator.

The price Cowcotland mentions includes VAT, which in France is 20% of the actual purchasing price. In other words, the price without VAT appears to be roughly 599 Euro. Converting that to Swiss Francs would me that would mean that the cards could possibly launch here for CHF 639.-

As we’ve already mentioned the pricing doesn’t look like a big let-down and if the reviews show that this HBM2 based card can score competitive frame rates then it’s really going to be an interesting thing. What seems to be more of an issue is the availability. Apparently the card has not officially been launched just yet, but the rumour mill is talking suggesting that only 100 Radeon VII graphics cards are supposed to be on Stock in the UK at launch time. This is basically nothing. Apart from that Lunar New Year is going on in China, which means that the factories are basically closed and shipments that make it to Europe or the US can be expected for mid to late February and therefore more units should hit the shelves roughly one month later.

Source: Cowcotland

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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