SFX power supplies from EVGA available

SuperNOVA GM series

EVGA has announced that their new SuperNOVA GM SFX power supplies are finally available. The entire line of units has been 80Plus Gold certified and consists of three models with 450W, 550W and 650W ratings.

This units are perfect for mini-ITX PCs due to the small form factor. According to EVGA, the SuperNOVA GM series comes with Japanese capacitors and award winning 7+2 years warranty plan. Furthermore they use multi +12V rail design with DC-to-DC switching, active PFC, all the usual protections as well as an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating. These PSUs come with a fully-modular design with sleeved cables and a solid black enclosure. The exterior looks really nice and it remind us of SuperNOVA ATX series.

In addition EVGA was keen to point out that this power supply series is the first to feature "Auto-Eco Mode". Thanks to this feature, the PSU can step itself down to an economy mode and the fan will not spin keeping you system completely quiet. As mentioned above, these new SFX PSUs come with a 7+2 warranty which means you get a 7 years base warranty and 2 additional years for a limited time due a promotion.

All PSUs are already available and EVGA is selling them for $109.99 for the 450W model, $119.99 for the 550W version, and $129.99 for the 650W model.

Source: EVGA

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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