AMD expands CPU lineup

With Athlon and Ryzen Pro

AMD’s second generation seem to be as susccessful as its first generation and still ride that wave the red team is now adding their new Athlon APUs and Ryzen Pro CPUs to the portfolio. While the Athlon CPUs are intended for entry-level PCs, the Ryzen Pro processors are designed for commercial/professional clients.

The new Athlon processors now sports Zen CPU cores and a Vega graphics unit under the same heatspreader. The first chip that is going to be available is the AMD Athlon 200GE, which is a dual core chip with four threads and a base clock of 3.2GHz. The TDP is very low and set to 35W. This CPU is supposed to be available for a price of $55 US. Right after the Athlon 200GE we’re going to see the Athlon 220GE and 240GE but at the moment its specifications are still unknown.

According to AMD, the Athlon 200GE should be 169 percent more responsive in computing tasks compared to the last-gen A6-9500E. Furthermore GPU performance is supposed to be 67 higher due to the Vega cores.

In addition AMD adds a new series of Ryzen 7 PRO and Ryzen 5 Pro CPUs. These processors are low TDP versions of the existing Ryzen 2nd gen processors. The core count is the same and the clock speeds are very similar. Below we’ve comprised all the information available in a small.

While the Athlon series should become available during next days, the Ryzen Pro lineup will see its launch through OEMs, like Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Source: KitGuru

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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