The best GPU for Ethereum mining - NVIDIA and AMD

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A few days ago, Yannick from has created a long article testing numerous cards and posting their specific hash-rates. At the moment the article includes 15 graphics cards and all of them have been tested with modded BIOS. Last but not least, the article proves what are the most efficient cards for mining.

The article is focused only on Ethereum mining because is the only one that require a graphics chip. While Bitecoin works on SHA-256 and Litecoin relies on Scrypt for its hash function, Ethereum needs an algorithm called Ethash that has been created for this purpose. Ethash has been created from the start to prevent the development of ASIC devices. In other words, if you want mine Ethereum you need a graphics card.

According to the article, the AMD Radeon RX 480 and RX 580 are still the best graphics cards for mining. However the right card choice depends on what are you looking for. There are many aspects, for example you might want the best graphics card that can hit a good hash rates or with the best efficiency/profitability. Digging a bit more inside the article, we see that the GeForce GTX 1060 6GB is the best choice if you are searching for peak efficiency. At the moment the article doesn't include any high-end graphics cards like NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti or AMD RX Vega.

If you are serious about cryptocurrency mining these days or if you want to get an overview on the topic, I can recommend all the articles Yannick is writing up on tomshardware on this topics.

Source: tomshardware

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