EK launches slim 420 and 560mm radiators

Filling in gaps in the lineup

It looks like EK Water Blocks is working hard again on bringing some new products to the market. A few weeks ago we have written about the newly released 140mm and 280mm CoolStream slim radiators and now there are also two new radiators in the lineup.

In these case of these radiators EK Water Blocks appears to be filling in a gap in their portfolio. By adding the EK-CoolStream SE 420 as well as the EK-CoolStream SE 560, the Slovenian maker of water cooling products has now four differently sized slim radiators in it's portfolio.

EK Water Blocks seems to have spent quite some time on making sure these radiators feature great compatibility. As a matter of fact, both the EK-CoolStream SE 420 as well as the SE 560 exactly 140mm in width, making them exactly as wide as the fans they go along with. Most other radiators available on the market are a little bit wider than the fans that go with them and therefore require a tad bit more space. Furthermore those radiators belonging to EK's CoolStream SE series means they're 28mm slim and made from copper.

If you've been looking for a slim 420 or 560mm radiator from EK Water Blocks, these two models are already available in the EK Webshop as well as throughout the company's reseller network, with the EK-CoolStream SE 420 setting you back 89.95€ and the EK-CoolStream SE 560 weighing in at 109.95€ before tax.

Source: EKWB

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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