Samsung starts 10 year plan


Samsung have unveiled more details than ever before about their plans with V-NAND. Currently the company is working on the 8th generation V-NAND and on a new generation of SSDs. Samsung is working on QLC NAND flash which will be slower than TLC NAND on the same per-die level but with the right parallelization, the performance could be higher than expected.

So far Samsung has not revealed many details on what to expect from QLC, other than massive capacity. Almost two years ago, Samsung unveiled the first SSDs, which featured higher capacities than hard drives. One year later they’ve shown a drive with 32TB of capacity and now they are ready to launch a 128TB unit. This illustrates how fast their NAND flash technology advancing.

In addition to the new QLC NAND flash memory, Samsung is working on their next-generation of SSDs. The allegedly upcoming generation could be based on a "M.3" form factor. Such drives could be a little wider than today’s M.2 SSDs but they would still be compatible with the pin arrangement the M.2 slot offers. Due to the extra space, companies might fit two NAND packages next to each other on the PCB, which would allow for higher capacity drives.

During the upcoming months Samsung is most likely going to launch new drives. We’d expect the manufacturer to first address the server market and after that the desktop parts could possibly be introduced.

Source: Tom's Hardware

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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