Intel intros Ruler SSD form factor and Dual Ports SSDs

For data center

Intel has announced new products that should help transform storage in data centers. Intel unveils three product lines; the new "Ruler" form factor SSDs, Dual Port SSDs and SATA SSDs for data centers. The most interesting part of the announcement is the upcoming Ruler SSD, which looks like a ruler but are a bit fatter.

The Ruler form factor has been designed to save valuable space in data storage servers. Its name derives from the long skinny shape. It's a bit smaller than a standard 2.5-inch SSD. These units will use Intel's 3D NAND technology with up to 1PB of storage in a 1U server. According to Intel, 1 Petabyte is enough storage to save 300'000 HD movies or more than 70 years of non-stop entertainment. Furthermore, Intel plans to release both 3D NAND SSDs and Optane SSDs in Ruler form factor in the near future.

The Dual Port Intel Optane SSDs and Intel 3D NAND SSDs are designed to replace SAS SSDs and HDDs. In addition, thanks to the new storage technologies, they should deliver higher IOPS performance and bandwidth while at the same time further reducing latencies. According to Intel, the Dual Port Intel SSD DC D4500, D4502 and D4600 series should become available during Q3 of this year.

Source: Intel

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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