EKWB releases AM4 compatibility kit

10.01.2017 - Posted by Luca Rocchi

For Supremacy Evo series water blocks

EK Water Blocks
With the upcoming socket AM4, AMD is going to change where the mounting holes are - for the first time after almost 10 years. Actually it was to be expected that the upcoming socket AM4 would require different mounting kits since the socket has different dimensions. A few cooler vendors have already updated their models and amongst them there is EK Water Blocks also offering a new retention kit.

If you own an EK-Supremacy EVO water block (except the X99 and Elite model) you'll be happy to know that EKWB has released a compatibility kit for the upcoming AM4 motherboards. The new kit includes a redesigned mounting plate and a new backplate, which are required to install existing coolers on socket AM4 based motherboards.

From now on also the EK liquid cooling kits will support the upcoming socket AM4. Furthermore if you want to install an all-in-one Predator unit, you can separately purchase an AMD Upgrade Kit. At a later stage EK Water Blocks will also come up with monoblocks for some of the upcoming X370 motherboards, which is certainly something to look out for.

Judging by the number of teasers and news it appears that the launch of the upcoming AM4 motherboards is just around the corner and we are pretty sure that during the next weeks or even days we will see more details.

Source: EKWB
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