MSI MOA 2016 Europe von HWBOT und MSI in Frankreich

Auf Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, Frankreich

HWBOT hat bekanntgegeben, im Rahmen der HWBOT World Tour beim Gamers Assembly in der französischen Stadt Poitiers teilzunehmen. Geboten werden der MSI OC Academy Workshop, das Turnier MSI MOA 2016 Europe und ein besonderes Event für Overclocker.

In case you missed it, the HWBOT World Tour is a series of overclocking events held at various locations around the world throughout the year and this time this will include the MSI OC Academy Workshop and MSI MOA 2016 Europe competition at Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France.

The event will take place from March 25th to March 28th and include MSI OC Academy on Saturday (26th) and Sunday (27th) as well as MSI MOA 2016 Europe overclocking competition with Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals on Monday (28th).

Pieter-Jan Plaisier, Director at HWBOT said that "Gamers Assembly is a fantastic opportunity to interface with Europe’s gaming community, exposing them to the fun and competitive nature of Overclocking," and that HWBOT is returning to to Poitiers "hopeful of building on the success we enjoyed on the World Tour last year with the aim of making 2016 even bigger and more enjoyable."

You can check out more information regarding the HWBOT World Tour 2016 as well as details regarding MSI OC Academy and MSI MOA 2016 Europe over at HWBOT via link below.


News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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MSI MOA 2016 Europe von HWBOT und MSI in Frankreich - Overclocking - News - ocaholic