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Today the mailman finally brought us our sample of Samsung's Galaxy S IV smartphone. To be honest, I was hoping the thing to arrive a bit earlier and I started to become a bit nervous. It's weird, since with the Galaxy S III I didn't experience this kind of fuzz, but it's also a good indicator, that the S IV might not just be another phone but a great one.

Already in New York at the global launch even, which took place more than one month ago I had the chance to fiddle with the thing, but back then I didn't really get what this smartphone is all about. Maybe the drama they made in New Yorks Radio City Music Hall was too much for me and it put my expectations somewhere out of the Galaxy we're living in. But now, kind of back on earth and after taking some pictures of the final device, my first impression is, that I'm starting to really like it.

A few words on my preferences on smartphones aren't a bad idea. I've been using a Galaxy Note 1 for more than a year and I've also been using a Galaxy S III for a few weeks. With the Note I really liked the big screen. It was really easy and pleasing to browse websites, but on the other hand there was that dual-core chip, which just wasn't quick enough. The user interface wasn't smooth enough and app sometimes took ages to load. With the Galaxy S III I liked the performance, it's a quick phone, the userinterface is smooth but on the other hand that 4.7 inch screen was somewhat ... small.

Anyway, here it lies in front of me, the 4.99'' (yeah ... let's be nice and call it 5'') Galaxy S IV, waiting to be judged by an actual user. From time to time I'll make new posts here showing you all the different features. What I can tell you so far, there really are quite a few features with this phone, and at the moment it looks like I don't really got all of them working.

So, fist of all pictures

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Samsung Galaxy S IV - Picture Madness

Posted on: 2013/5/7 16:19
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S IV - User Experience Blog

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So far so good I would say. The second day with Samsungs brand new Galaxy S IV is almost over. Today I started to familiarize with the calendar and I installed some apps like for example Soundcloud.

Calendar App - S Planner
On my Galaxy Note or on the Samsung Galaxy S III I wasn't really convinced by Samsungs S-Planner calendar app, but so far things are looking quite different on the S IV. I guess I have to take the Galaxy Note out of the drawer again to really make sure why this is the case. So far I think it's - in case of the Note - because of the performance and - in case of the S III - because of the display, which was a tiny bit too small. Later on I will add some screenshots to this post from the S-Planner app. I mean obvisously you get everything you expect from a calendar app, which means, that there are all the input fields you need and you can even add custom ones. Furthermore the calendar synchronizes with your Google account. If you use Google Mail and therefore Google calendar you have all your appointments, and reminders, and everything you store in your calendar also in your Google Mail calendar.

Posted on: 2013/5/8 17:22
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