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Very clean looking

Antec has announced the P101 Silent Guardian case, which offers support for ATX motherboards and up to eight HDDs. The P101 Silent Guardian is a mid-tower chassis that's been made from steel, ABS plastic and aluminum. Although there is a well-thought internal layout and a very reasonable number of features, the Antec P101 Silent Guardian comes at an attractive $109 price tag.

Carbon fiber everywhere

MSI brought a lot of new toys to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this year, like several graphics cards based on latest NVIDIA chips. The company has finally unveiled also the flagship model which will be available in limited edition.

First HEDT Phantom Gaming motherboard[

ASRock has unveiled their X399 Phantom Gaming 6 motherboard, which is one of the vendors first models designed for AMD Threadripper CPUs. As you might know, the Phantom Gaming 6 branding should replace the well known Fatal1ty series.

New case design, peripherals and more

Cooler Master has shown several new products during the CES 2019. For example the company has unveiled four new cases, a new series of power supply, gaming peripherals and more. While for few products there is already an ETA, for others is still unknown when they will be available.

With 750W PSU

A while back PowerColor released Devil Box, the first external GPU case compatible with any graphics card around. With the TBX-750FA, PowerColor offers another enclosure with a different design. Compared to the Devil Box we don't see the edgy styling anymore. Like the previous model, the upcoming TBX-750FA is compatible with several graphics cards.

With modular design

During the CES 2019, be quiet! has revealed a new limited edition chassis for their loyal fanbase, a variant of their Dark Base 700. The Dark Base 700 is a rather small mid-tower chassis that's been made from SECC steel and aluminium. Compared to the regular version, be quiet! has changed the color and added a case badge that numbers the chassis. This case will be limited to 3'000 units.

At the CES 2019

During the show, the company has unveiled a bunch of new products like gaming PCs, peripherals, Elgato devices and even a total white all-in-one cooler. One of the most interesting product that Corsair has unveiled is the new wireless technology which goes by the name "Slipstream".

With new LED design

During the last years, we have seen several products sport numerous RGB LEDs all over the PCB. Although the LEDs are rather small, they still require some space across the board. In order to make things easier and more compact, Corsair is going to use smaller "capellix" LEDs for their upcoming products.

Alongside with 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs

During the last days, we have heard plenty of rumors about the upcoming Ryzen 3000 and Zen 2 processors. If you were hoping to see a full unveiling during the CES 2019, you will be disappointed. AMD has released few details about upcoming chip but the official launch is set to mid-2019.

Base on 7nm Vega chip

For the 50th anniversary, AMD has unveiled its first-ever CES keynote to reveal its next-generation Vega graphics card. The Radeon VII sports AMD's 7nm process and it should be enough powerful to compete against NVIDIA's RTX graphics cards in 4K resolutions, virtual reality (VR) and 3D rendering.

Alongside with prototypes

During the CES 2019, Lian Li has shown a revised version of the PC-011 Dynamic ROG V2 case. Compared to the previous version, the PC-011 WGX ROG V2 offers several improvements. Furthermore the company has unveiled few prototypes like liquid coolers and cases.

Soon available?

At the CES 2019, EVGA has shown their Z390 Dark motherboard. The motherboard belongs to the high-end series and it's recommended for enthusiast and overclocker users. It's not the first time that we see this motherboard but there aren't still details about price and availability.

ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha and Rampage VI Extreme Omega

The ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha and Rampage VI Extreme Omega are based on AMD X399 and Intel X299 chipsets respectively however they are nearly identical. Both motherboards come with E-ATX form factors and they are loaded with PCIe and M.2 slots.

With Nu Audio sound card

Known for its GPUs, motherboards and power supplies, EVGA introduced a high-end sound card called Nu Audio. EVGA partnered with UK firm AudioNote in order to develop this sound card.

Redefines extreme desktop motherboards

During the CES 2019, ASUS jumped at the chance to show off its X599 Dominus Extreme motherboard. This massive motherboard uses the Super ETX form factor and it's designed to accommodate Intel Xeon W-3175X processors.

With AIO cooler

EVGA has officially launched their GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin graphics card. It comes with an all-in-one liquid cooling unit taking care of the GPU and active cooling for the VRMs.

Finally more details

One of the most anticipated GeForce RTX cards have been spotted. Compared to the previous models, MSI has created an entire new design and layout. The card comes now with carbon fiber components and a triple fan cooler.

With low profile Cherry MX switches

Cooler Master has announced its new lineup of keyboards based on CherryMX low-profile switches. Although this isn't the first low-profile mechanical Cherry switch keyboard, Cooler Master introduces slimmer keycap compared the competitors.

$10'000 gaming setup

During IFA 2018, Acer has shown an impressive gaming setup, which could be called battlestation. Today Acer adds the Predator Thronos, an expensive gaming chair and multi-monitor setup merged all together. It’s not the first time that we see this monstrous setup.

Available during this month

ASUS has done its magic once again, creating another exclusive Matrix graphics card. With the upcoming ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, the company unveils a high-end card aimed to overclockers and enthusiasts.

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