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Prolimatech Armageddon Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 22.01.13 (13885 reads)
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General   + -
With the Armageddon, Prolimatech really shows a good cooler. In terms of cooling capacity the Armageddon has been able to reach the center span of our comparison tables. In this regard we have to say that the competition is very hard concerning our test field. There are almost no cheap coolers in our comparison table and therefore the Armageddon has to compete with the absolute best in class. It's not only the performance that is on a good level with this cooler, we also like the build quality, which is excellent and the design that features full nickel plating.   - Performance
- Full Nickel plated
Installation   + -
The installation process is easy and you can mount the cooler quickly. Nevertheless we didn't want to install it without consulting the manual. Unfortunately the cooler is only compatibel to recent Intel sockets. The Armageddon cannot be mounted on any AMD motherboards. We would love to see an AMD socket kit in the delivery.   - Easy and robust - Pressure on the CPU - Not compatible with AMD sockets
Performance   + -

During our tests we used two fans from Xigmatek, which feature a diameter of 140 millimeter. If you drive both fans at 7 Volt you can't hear them anymore and at 12 Volt they can be described as audible. In the end performance at higher rotation speed was better then a lower rotation speed, when compared to the competition. We think this is because the fins are quite densely packed. Therefore a higher airflow is needed to reach good cooling results.

  - Good cooling capacity  
Recommendation   + -
If you're looking for a well performing CPU cooler, which is reasonably sized and features an excellent design then you'll make a good choice if you go for the Armageddon from Prolimatech.   - Enthusiast
- Gamer
- Overclocker
The Prolimatech Armageddon gets very good four and a half out of five stars. This cooler is available for CHF 74.80.- (est EUR 62.-).
Buy the Prolimatech Armageddon at ocaholic Ricardo for CHF 59.-

53 pieces stock:

53 x Prolimatech Armageddon @ ocaholic. Ricardo

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Page 2 - Aperçu Page 7 - Results 2.66 GHz 12 volts
Page 3 - Specifications / Delivery Page 8 - Results 2.66 GHz 7 Volts
Page 4 - Construction and Design Page 9 - Conclusion
Page 5 - Mounting  

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Author: Marc Büchel

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