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Review: Cooler Master HAF XB

Published by Marc Büchel on 18.01.13 (30954 reads)
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General   + -
With the HAF XB Cooler Master has created quite an interesting case. In fact there have been courageous enough to try something new and the combined the idea of a testbench with a normal case. But to be honest we find it difficult to see who might buy this case in the end. On one hand it attracts enthusiasts who change there hardware often but on the other hand changing hardware isn't as easy as it is with an open testbench.   - Design
- High Airflow Case
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
The overall build quality is on a very good level. Cooler Master didn't make the mistake to go for super thin side panels to save weight. They use solid metal sheets. Furthermore there is a very solid basic structure and in the end you get a stiff case where you can be sure that you won't here any rattling noises at all. In terms of ergonomics we appreciate the many cable management loops, which allow you to wire the case very neatly. Something we don't understand is why Cooler Master equipped this case with only seven slot bezels. In case of a testbench the likelihood that somebody is going to install four graphics cards is quite high. But with the HAF XB it's not possible to use four dual slot cards. Furthermore we would have loved a feature that lets you remove the front plate where there are the two 120 millimeter fans attached. Like this it would be much easier to exchange modules in a memory test system.   - Build quality - Cable Management - Only seven slot bezels - Accessibility of hardware
Design   + -
Cooler Master provided the HAF XB with its very typical "High Airflow" design. Therefore you'll find a steel chassis which offers excellent stiffness as well as a areas with mesh design where you can actually see through. You get quite a clear view at your precious hardware. Overall we think Cooler Master has created a product which perfectly fits into their lineup and is a nice addition to their HAF products.   - Authentic Design  
Recommendation   + -
With the HAF XB Cooler Master is courageous enough to try something new. We think that especially gamers as well as overclockers and enthusiasts will like this case since it offers not only high airflow but also easier installation of hardware.   - Gaming-PC
- Enthusiast
The Cooler Master HAF XB gets good four out of five stars. The case comes at a price point of est. CHF 109.- (est EUR 92.-).

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