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Review: ADATA S511 120 GByte SSD

Published by Marc Büchel on 24.08.11 (22929 reads)
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With the S511, ADATA has a Solid State Drive in its portfolio which is based on the latest SandForce SF-2281 series SSD processor. The drive also features SATA-III support and ADATA claims that the it can reach throughput rates of more than 500 MByte. Also for the IOPS the manufacturer promises sky-high numbers. When processing 4 KByte blocks the S511 should be able to max out at a whopoing 85'000 IOPS.

Specifications / Delivery

Model ADATA 120 GByte
Capacity 120 GByte
Memory ynchronous NAND Flash
Technology SandForce SF-2281
Throughput up to 550 MB/s reading, up to 510 MB/s writing
Accesstime (read) < 0.1 ms
Life expectance 1'000'000 hours (MTBF)
Acoustics no noise
Warranty 3 Years



The package for the ADATA SSD S511 is straight forward. Bundled we find a practical adapter in order to put your SSD also into a 3.5 inch drive bay. Once available there'll also be a notebook kit with an external cradle which allows easier migration. Furhtermore ADATA teamed up with Acronics and on every box you find a code, which can be used to download a free copy of Acronis Disk Image. The software can be downloaded at the ADATA website.

Page 1 - Introduction / Specs / Delivery Page 7 - Random read KByte/s
Page 2 - Impressions Page 8 - Sequential write ops
Page 3 - How do we test? Page 9 - Sequential read ops
Page 4 - Sequential write KByte/s Page 10 - Random write ops
Page 5 - Sequential read KByte/s Page 11 - Random read ops
Page 6 - Random write KByte/s Page 12 - Conclusion

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