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Published by Marc Voser on 16.12.10 (23174 reads)
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With the ENGTX580, ASUS sends its first GTX580 based card into the ring to fight for the performance crown. The starting position should definitely be a good one and were therefore very curious about the results which will be achieved in our tests. Furthermore ASUS also provides a software which allows adjustems of the GPU voltage, which is very useful for overclocking.
We'd like to thank ASUS for providing us with the testsample.

It's been a bit more than eight months from now that NVIDIA introduced the GTX480. Now they're already presenting their GTX580 cards which are based on the new Fermi graphics processing unit which is also called GF110. This huge monolithic core is being manufactured at TSMC using a 40 nanometer process. With the ENGTX580 ASUS doesn't only promise more performance and a lower power consumption, they also claim that the card is singnificantly more silent than its predecessor. Furthermore the clockrates for the ENGTX580 is 772 MHz for the GPU and 1'002 MHz for the 1'536 MByte of GDDR5 memory.

On the following pages we will show you the strenghts and weaknesses of the ASUS ENGTX580.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 6 - Futuremark
Page 2 - Specifications Page 7 - Furmark
Page 3 -Preview Page 8 - World in Conflict / Resident Evil 5
Page 4 - Overclocking Page 9 - Call of Juarez / Far Cry 2
Page 5 - Testing conditions Page 10 - Conclusion

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