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MSI R5870 Lightning

Published by Marc Voser on 04.10.10 (32788 reads)
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Resized ImageThe MSI R5870 truely is one of the most interesting versions of the 5870 graphics cards out there in the market. MSI delivers the card with a factory overclocking to 900 MHz and the entirely overworked 12 phase power design should provide the card with exceptional abilities also if you want to do extreme overclocking.

We'd like to thank MSI for providing us with the testsample.

As with all the HD5870s this one is also being empowered by a RV870 chip (codename "Cypress"). Furthermore the GPU measures 334 square millimeters and carries an astonishing 2.15 billion transistors. MSIs R5870 Lighning supports ATI Eyefinity which allows a user to connect three displays simultaneously.

On the following pages we will show you the strenghts and weaknesses of the MSI R5870 Lighning.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 9 - PT Boats
Page 2 - Specifications Page 10 - X3 Terran Conflict
Page 3 -Preview Page 11 - Streetfighter 4
Page 4 - Overclocking Page 12 - World in Conflict
Page 5 - Testing conditions Page 13 - Resident Evil 5
Page 6 - 3DMark 06 Page 14 - Call of Juarez
Page 7 - 3DMark Vantage Page 15 - Far Cry 2
Page 8 - Furmark Page 16 - Conclusion

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