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Tuesday, 08.02.2011 
Posted by Marc Büchel
Our overclocker Roger (splmann) Tanner succeeded in breaking the current world record regarding MAXXMEM. Together with help from Matthias (Mat) Zronek from our parnter website Overclockers.at and hardware from ASUS, Corsair and Intel they were able to beat the world record which has been held by the Finnish overclocker "SF3D".

Taking a bit a closer look at the setup we see that Roger (splmann) Tanner has been using a ASUS P8P67 WS Revoltion workstation motherboard, paired up with high performance memory from Corsair. He was using the GTX2 modules which support 2'250 MHz and 8-8-8-24 timings as default values. To provide the system with plenty of CPU performance "splmann" used a Core i7 2600K CPU.

Roger (splmann) Tanner overclocked the memory modules to 2'292.4 MHz. But this alone would have helped much in breaking the current world record. The key was the latency which he managed to set to 7-7-6-21. And of course also the CPU has been overclocked to 5'489.3 MHz receiving 1.584 Volt.

With a score of 2'711.5 MAXXMEM points Roger (splmann) Tanner now holds the world record in MAXXMEM. This score is an equivalent to 30 GByte/s memory-copy-values as well as a very low latency of only 32.5 ns. A Sandy Bridge platform with standard which is using standard settings will show latencies arount 60 ns (+/- 10 ns). Therefore "splmann" had been able to almost cut this value in half.

Source: ocaholic

English by Slobodan Simic and Marc Büchel - German by William Zwingenberger, Marc Büchel and Marco Haldemann - French by Marine Degli Agosti - Italian by Francesco Daghini and Giulio Maschi

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