Several parts spotted

Almost one year ago, during Computex 2017, Corsair has been teasing products suggesting that the company was going to enter the custom water cooling market. Things remained silent until today, when Corsair unveiled several parts during Paris Games Week.

With dual fan cooler

The AMD Radeon RX 590 is launching next week featuring the latest 12nm Polaris architecture. We have seen a lot of speculation about this graphics card and now we are finally getting a look at the custom models. The Sapphire Radeon RX 590 NITRO+ 8G comes with a light blue themed Dual-X cooler equipped with two 95 mm diameter blue LED fans.

Right in time for holiday season

It's been a long time since memory kits were cheap. We have published several reports during past months about memory prices and it's still unknown when prices will return to the way they were. According to a report from DRAMeXchange, in the next Q4 we might see a price drop.

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War, Talisman and Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Another game bundle has been released and it delivers a good range of PC games at bargain prices. The Humble Warhammer has officially released, offering PC gamers a large selection of RTS games at extremely low prices.

Without RGB lighting

Cooler Master has released two gaming headsets with a rather sleek and classy design. Unlike all the latest gaming products, the MH752 and MH751 don't sport any flashy lights or eye-catching RGB logos.

With Radeon Instinct MI60 and MI50

Today AMD unveiled the world's first and fastest 7nm data center GPUs during its Next Horizon Event. The Radeon Instinct MI60 and MI50 accelerators are built for deep learning tasks, high-performance computing, cloud computing and other intensive rendering applications.

NVIDIA locked the feature

NVIDIA's latest Founders Edition coolers offer a significant performance improvement over their predecessors, since the company is moving away from traditional blower-style cooler to a dual-fan design. Furthermore the cooler is way more silent compared the previous models.

They are fabbed in China

As you might know, the US is embroiled in a trade-war with China with new tariffs set to come into play. Since there are tech manufacturers in China, these tariffs will drive up prices. Seasonic is one of the first companies that has announced price changes.

More than copper and gold

The journalists from from Nature scientic have determinated how much energy cryptocurrency mining networks are using to generate $1 USD. Since the value is constantly in flux, it's hard to determinate the real exchange but you can still get very close.

Is your PC ready for BF V?

EA has released the full system requirements for the upcoming Battlefield V game. In the case of Battlefield V EA is going to use the latest Frostbite featuring wide open-world maps. So far the system requirements pretty similar to Battlefield 1.

With full cover water block

As a follow up to all-in-one liquid cooling based product, Gigabyte has introduced their new RTX 2080Ti and RTX 2080 Waterforce WB graphics cards and both cards come with a liquid cooling block on the GPU. These cards are targeted at enthusiasts with DIY liquid cooling setups.

With 240mm radiator

Gigabyte already has a wide portfolio when it comes to graphics cards but that didn’t stop them from teasing yet another model. The new card is going to belong to the AORUS line again, and goes by the name "GeForce RTX 2080 AORUS Aorus Xtreme WaterForce".

Compact ATX case

During Computex 2018, Deepcool unveiled several products. In addition to the coolers and the new lineup of power supplies, the company showed a whole set of cases. The lineup includes three models and meanwhile the Matrexx 55 RGB case has become available in two variants.

Designed for workstations

Gigabyte has revealed the full specifications of its X299-WU8 motherboard. This model belongs to the high-end series and it's recommended for workstations. Like the previous model base on Intel X99 chipset, the upcoming X299-WU8 sports the company's highest-grade eletrical components.

For content creators

Gigabyte today revealed its Z390 Designare, a high-end model designed for content creators and enthusiast users. Like the previous model, the Z390 Designare comes with several USB ports and network connectors.

First full tower from LanCool

During the CES 2018, we heard that Lian Li was going to push again on LanCool introducing new models. A few years ago, LanCool had a wide portfolio of cases which were based on Lian Li design and combined with lower-cost materials.

Now with cutomizable RGB lighting

Over the last years, we have reviewed quite a few CPU coolers from Corsair including its Hydro all-in-one series. A few months later Corsair is giving those products an overhaul. During the last months we have seen the first Hydro RGB Platinum RGB coolers and now Corsair adds another model to the lineup.

Cards are dying in alarming numbers

With the recently released RTX Turing graphics cards, NVIDIA has added the most powerful consumer GPUs ever made. These cards support new gaming visual features like deep learning supersampling (DLSS) and ray tracing. Both cards are available since few weeks and several users are now facing to crashes, black screens, blue screen of death, artifacts and cards that fail to work entirely.

Ten more models

be quiet! has unveiled its new mainstream Pure Power 11 series of power supply units. The series consists of six models with fixed cables ranging from 300 to 700 watts and four models with modular cables ranging from 400 to 700 watts. Compared to the previous generation, the freshly announced lineup should deliver better performance.

High-end model

During Computex 2018, Cooler Master teased its new MasterCase SL600M which has been designed for both professionals and PC gamers. This case marks the beginning of the firm's new "sleek" SL series and it will be available during next month.

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