Next August

While NVIDIA keeps to unveil GTX10 graphics cards like the GTX 1050 3GB, enthusiasts are holding their wallet for something really new. The upcoming GTX11 series should be unveiled somewhen during summer time. Apparently the mass production of the upcoming chips haven't started yet.

Only bug fixes

AMD has officially released their Radeon Software 18.5.2 Beta driver for GCN or newer graphics cards and AMD Ryzen+Vega APUs. With this new driver you will not see any performance improvement or additional support for AAA games. AMD has addressed several bugs.


In our hardware roundup we post all reviews from the hardware sites around the globe we can find. Apparently we wish you a lot of fun browsing the lists and we hope you're going to enjoy those reviews.

With Vega graphics

Back in May, AMD mentioned the Ryzen Mobile APUs, which were previously known by the codename Raven Ridge. Right after the U-series branding, AMD is going to release the H-series as well where H stands for high-performance mobile part.

For the 40th Anniversary

A few weeks ago, we have spotted an Intel special processor designed for the 40th anniversary of the 8086 processor. Today the processor has been listed on several online retailers revealing the specifications.

Cryptocurrency mining effect

ASUS dropped its hat into the DIY crypto-currency mining hardware craze introduction the H370 Mining Master motherboard. This ATX form-factor motherboard comes with twenty USB 3.1 Type-A ports and one PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slot.

Four-port addressable RGB controller

ASUS has released an addressable RGB controller with ROG Halo and Aura Sync. With ASUS Halo you can create an ambient light effect, while Aura Sync is the RGB effect that you can find on compatible ASUS motherboards.

Now with RGB lighting

In 2014 and 2015, we have reviewed quite a few CPU coolers from Deepcool including its Maelstrom all-in-one series. A few years later Deepcool is giving those products an overhaul. The Maelstrom 240 AIO RGB all-in-one cooler offers the same cooling performance as the already available Maelstrom 240 AIO cooler, but comes with a new fan controller and RGB lighting which is compatible with ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI motherboards.

Huge step forward

Almost ten years ago, Intel released the magnificent Core2 Quad Q6600 in order to fight against the AMD Phenom 9600. The C2Q Q6600 has been on the market for several years and Intel has sold a lot of units due to the very good performance/price ratio of this CPU.

With Freesync

AOC already has a vast portfolio of displays and with the G2590FX the vendor is launching yet another model. Therefore the 24.5-inch panel supports 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution at 144Hz, which makes this particular display relevant for gaming PCs.

Finally available

During Computex 2017 Cooler Master celebrated their 25th anniversary by revealing two redesigned cases: the Cosmos and the HAF. The MasterCase H500P has been released a few months ago and it's based on the same design that the old HAF cases were known for but it now features RGB lighting, a cleaner layout and extended water cooling support. Now after few months the company is ready to introduce an improved version.

Featuring Vega graphics chip

According to another rumor which has its roots in the Futuremark database again, AMD is busy working on a cut-down version of AMD's Ryzen 2000 series. Thankfully, this isn't the only information that we have, since both APUs has been spotted in the ASUS BIOS files.

Available next October

EA has released the full system requirements list for their upcoming Battlefield V game. With Battlefield V, EA will use the latest Frostbite engine and features a lot of wide open-world spaces to explore. Anyway the system requirements looks rather similar to Battlefield 1.

Up to 20Gbps speed

A few months ago, the USB governing body published the specifications for USB 3.2. According to the specifications, the upcoming USB standard features two 10Gb/s channels that together can achieve up to 20Gb/s of throughput. That's half the speed of Thunderbolt 3, which is USB's better competitor.

Another classy case

The French chassis manufacturer Streacom has announced a compact mini-ITX enclosure with rather classy design. The DA2 offers a high level of customization and it's compatible with high-end components as well.


Gigabyte is updating their Aorus line of graphics cards with models that come with WindForce 2X coolers. The upcoming Aorus GTX 1050 sports a dual-fan cooler with black and orange color scheme. In addition the card comes with overclocked frequencies.

Viper RGB series available

Patriot is finally jumping into the RGB memory market with new line of high-performance memory modules. The company has announced their Viper RGB memory kit, which has been designed and tested in combination with Intel Coffee Lake and AMD Ryzen processors.

Up to 13% boost in Ancestors Legacy

AMD has officially released their Radeon Software 18.5.1 driver for GCN or newer graphics cards and AMD Ryzen+Vega APUs. With this new driver you will get more support for Microsoft PlayReady 3.0 and increased performance in Ancestors Legacy.

For State of Decay 2 and The Crew 2 Beta

NVIDIA's released its latest GeForce graphics drivers named 397.93. The new drivers add optimisations for State of Decay 2 and Ubisoft's upcoming The Crew 2 beta. Furthermore NVIDIA has also added support for CUDA 9.2 to their driver stack and has fixed a several bugs.

For Intel and Toshiba SSDs

Microsoft with Windows 10 has had several issues, like boot loops, general instability, and performance problems with selected SSDs. Microsoft has updated now Windows 10 in order to address the issue with Intel and Toshiba SSDs.
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