Due to a driver issue

Yesterday Microsoft released another big update for Windows 10 which contains a bunch of interesting new features. While you might want them as soon as possible, we suggest to backup your files first. According to a report on Reddit, the latest update might wipe some of your files.

12 models from ASUS

With the launch of Coffee Lake, Intel has finally brought their first six-core and twelve-thread processors to the mainstream market. With Coffee Lake Intel has added Z370 motherboards, however during next week we should see a new wave of CPUs alongside with Intel Z390 chipset.

In an effort to simplify the nomenclature

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the consortium that oversees all things Wi-Fi, is ditching the 802.11 nomenclature and replacing it with an easier name. The current 802.11ac standard is now called Wi-Fi 5 while 802.11n changes to Wi-Fi 4.

Version 1809 is now available

Microsoft has started rolling out the release of its Windows 10 October 2018 Update. It is this years second major update and it contains several new features including the “Your Phone app” and improvements to the “Timeline”.

Designed for high-end gaming PCs

Our friends over at Videocardz have spotted yet another high-end Z390 motherboard. This time we are looking at the MSI MEG Z390 ACE. With the ACE, MSI unveils a cheaper variant of the Godlike. Compared to the flagship model, the ACE drops the OLED screen and sports only one M.2 shield.

With tempered glass

Almost two years ago the Swedish company Fractal Design presented their Define S series case. Meanwhile they're launching the Define S2 which is the next step in the evolution of their Define S-series. The Define S2 is available in different colors, which are black, blackout, white and gunmetal. All versions are available with a tempered glass side panel.

RGB illumination

Right after the release of the ROG GeForce RTX NVLink, other manufacturers have started introducing their bridges as well. As you might know, NVLink is the replacement of the SLI Bridge and it's mandatory if you want to create a multi-GPU setup with two RTX graphics cards.

First pictures from EVGA

During the last few hours, EVGA has unveiled several products such as the B360 Micro motherboard and their NVLink bridges. Since the launch of Intel’s Z390 chipset appears to be just around the corner, EVGA has unveiled the first small teaser about the alleged Z390 Dark.

With modular design

A few months ago be quiet! announced their Silent Base 601 case. After having released the mid-tower model, be quiet! is showing the Silent Base 801 big tower, which has been made from SECC steel and aluminium. Compared to the Silent Base 601, the new model offers more space and higher versatility.

High-end model

During Computex 2017 Cooler Master was celebrating their 25th anniversary, revealing new cases such as the Cosmos C700P. More than one year later, the company is finally ready to unveils this new flagship enclosure.

Compact ATX case

During Computex 2018, Deepcool unveiled several products. In addition to the coolers and the new lineup of power supplies, the company showed a whole set of cases. The lineup includes three models and meanwhile the Matrexx 55 RGB case has become available.

Coming in 550 and 650 flavors

Silverstone has introduced its new Strider Gold S series of power supply units which are going to be available in two versions: 550W and 650W. Apart from that there is going to be a modular cable management as well as a 5-year warranty plan.

With Aura Sync RGB

With the release of the GeForce RTX 2080 cards, NVIDIA also introduced NVLINK, which is basically the replacement for the SLI bridge. This means that if you want to create a multi-GPU setup you’d have to purchase a NVLink bridge.

Priced at $582 USD

Another leak seems to have occurred while we’re waiting for intel to launch of the Core 9000 series processors. A few weeks ago a Malaysian retailer leaked prices for four upcoming Intel chips including the top of the range model Core i9-9900K at $480 USD. Meanwhile Amazon US has jumped the gun also coming up with a price for the Core i9-9900K.

Compatible with upcoming ASUS ROG Maximus motherboards

Zadak511 has shared images and specifications on their upcoming Shield DC Aura 2 RGB DDR4 memory. With their DC DDR4 memory, Zadak adds an oversized DDR4 memory module with literally double the capacity. According to the latest information, this memory kit is supposed to be compatible with ASUS’s upcoming ROG Maximus motherboards and it's not clear if other motherboard manufacturers will add DC compatibility as well.

Flagship model

In the past days more and more rumors have surfaced regarding Intels upcoming new mainstream desktop processors. While these chips are compatible with the current generation of Z370 motherboards, there is also a bunch of new, Z390 based motherboards expected to hit the market. So far we’ve spotted some new pictures of an upcoming board from Gigabyte.

With a pre-installed EK water block

MSI has introduced their new RTX 2080 and 2080Ti Sea Hawk EK graphics cards and they come with liquid cooling block from EK Water Blocks. Compared to the EK-Vector RTX 2080 Ti, the looks of the water block that you can find on the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti Sea Hawk have been changed and it comes with both the MSI and the EK logo on the block itself and there is a custom MSI backplate.

Based on ATX form factor

The ASUS ROG Strix B450F Gaming is another AMD AM4 motherboard that should help filling gaps in ASUS' AM4 lineup. Yesterday we’ve tested and added the motherboard to our B450 Motherboard Charts and during the upcoming days you’ll be able to read our review as well.

The Gene is back!

During the past few days we have covered most of ASUS' upcoming Z390 based motherboards. Apparently the company still has some more models up its sleeve, since now images on the ASUS Z390 Maximus XI Extreme and Maximus XI Gene have surfaced.

Double capacity DIMMs

Videocardz has published several pictures about the upcoming ASUS Z390 lineup. The biggest discovery was that the Maximus XI Extreme and Gene models will come with support for DC (double capacity) DIMMs.
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